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PACE Solutions offers a range of services that are designed specifically for firms who recognise that they need to improve efficiency and quality of delivery, want assistance in a structured way and require hands on assistance. As well as the Consulting Service, PACE can act as a locum operations director, non-executive director or interim support working on special projects.


Have you ever engaged a consultant, had a really productive meeting and then were left with a project plan to follow and effectively implement within your business?   The meeting is over, reality kicks in and you have to get back to the day to day job.  So having spent a significant amount of money on sound advice, you can’t effectively implement the recommendations.

PACE solutions is an innovative consultancy whereby advice and implementation is given.  Having previously engaged consultants within my own advisory practice I also was left daunted by the prospect of implementing when I also had my day to day job to do.  I was fortunate to change roles so that I could spend the time to implement and this made me recognise that other firms may lack time / commitment and require help to do this.


Your Business Strategy

Your Client Service Proposition

Preparing yourself for Sales & Acquisition

Systems & Processes

Capturing Meaningful & Insightful Data

Compliance Assistance

Building the Right Team including Managing your Recruitment Process

Ongoing Review Service

Back Office Systems

Brand Identity


Initial Business Evaluation

  • Together with the main business partners and those influential to the business we will complete an initial business evaluation. 

  • From that we can establish your current position and benchmark progress as we move forward. 

Fact Finding Days

  • The factfinding days will set to explore your current business practices by observations and meeting with several members of the team including business owners, management, paraplanning and administration.  This will focus on each of the business issues identified with a view to improving the way you do business.

  • After the initial factfinding days (which will be dependent on the size of the business), we will produce a strategic plan outlining the issues we need to tackle within the business.


  • Following receipt of the plan we will look to work with you to implement the recommendations in line with the company business strategy, budget and timescales set to achieve the transition.

  • We can take full responsibility for implementing our recommendations, thus minimising the impact of change on your daily routine, or we can work alongside your existing staff and support them through the change process. 

PACE Solutions

PACE Solutions

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